The Make It Matter Podcast

Episode 017: Becoming An Entrepreneur Without Starting A Business

women at starting line

What if I told you that you don't have to start a business to be an entrepreneur? Most people think the only way to be a business owner is to start one from scratch. And, although that's an excellent way to go about it, there's a lesser known path to entrepreneurship; a path that can be quicker, less risky, and better suited. In this episode I share how you can become an entrepreneur without starting your own business. Sound too good to be true? Listen in and find out for yourself!

Episode 015: The Best Way to Close Deals

putin the closer

Do you love winning new business but hate to close? Or, maybe you've found closing to be a bit of an enigma; part contact sport and part magic. Don't worry. Closing is easy once you understand a few key ideas. In this episode I finish up our series on sales by sharing my approach to closing deals. Listen and learn how to take make closing a great experience for you and your customers.

Episode 014: Of Hunters and Farmers and Sales

deer silhouette

Ever hire a sales rep only to be disappointed with their performance? It could be that you just need to understand what kind of sales person they are. In this episode I explain the difference between the two main kinds of sales people: farmers and hunters and how to better utilize each one. Listen and learn how you can avoid a great deal of frustration and missed revenue goals while building the perfect sales machine.

Episode 010: Overcoming Two Obstacles to Sales Success

woman covered in mud on obstacle course

2017 is just around the corner and you're thinking about what you'd like to accomplish next year. Odds are this includes increasing your revenues. What better way to grow your business than through sales? And yet, most people hate selling. In this episode I address two main obstacles to becoming an expert salesperson and how you can overcome them.


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