Podcasting, A New Project

Audio Mixing Board

I've been working on a podcast for the last week. I've always been interested in broadcasting—one more way to communicate ideas—but have never explored it before.

We have a podcast at Bob Wright Creative called MarcomTalk, which I've taken part in, but I've just shown up and talked into a mic. Bob Wright audio/video expert, Mike Nelson, has been the man behind that project.

This time around I figured I needed to own the project, especially since it's not a Bob Wright-related gig. I've acquired some equipment, set up in the basement and have begun learning the ropes. I certainly enjoy learning something new, so it's been great to get lost for hours in set-up, recording, editing and the like. Of course, the proof will be in my output.

The concept behind the podcast, which I'm calling Working Faith, is to produce a monthly (at minimum) show that addresses the relationship between work and the Kingdom of God with an emphasis on entrepreneurialism. The show's format will be a mix of talks, interviews and group discussions.

I'm planning to launch the series in about a month or so. I'll make announcements here on the blog when it's ready so please stay tuned. In fact, if you'd like to get an email when there's a new post you can just give me your first name and email addy in the box at the upper right of this post.