Motherhood as Rebellion

It’s Mother’s Day today and I’m struck that something once so integral to society, something so assumed, so taken for granted that we actually had to create a day to remember it—motherhood—is no longer considered worthy of aspiration in our society.

In a culture that’s replaced civics with self and liberty with consumption, a culture that’s redefined the family as some amorphous entity only a gender studies PhD can rationalize, motherhood has become a decision on the order of choosing if you’d like guac with your burrito. Maybe it's your thing, maybe not—who are we to judge?

From Tiny Motel to Global Luxury Brand: Issy Sharp's Simple Steps for Innovation

Couple entering the Four Seasons Geneva and being welcomed by concierge

There’s a quote in Roger Martin’s book on integrative thinking, The Opposable Mind, that I love. It’s by the founder and Chairman of the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Isadore “Issy” Sharp.

Classic Marketing Mistake Number Three: The Wrong Tools

Hammer and screw.  The wrong tool for sure!

Carpenters know you need a hammer to drive nails. But carpentry, unlike marketing, has had a few thousand years to sort out the best tool for the job at hand.

Business owners know failure—sometimes more than success. Failure is part of the game. Even so, your marketing doesn’t have to be the source of it. The trick is knowing the classic mistakes—and then not making them. Knowing the mistakes that get made over and over and learning how to avoid them is a good start toward marketing success. This post is the last in a quick series covering the classic marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.