Welcome! I’m Mike.

If you’re an entrepreneur, owner, or leader trying to grow a business—I’m your guy.

Inside every business leader is a vision.

Standing in the way are obstacles—stagnant sales, tough competition, changing markets, or underperforming models—that keep visions from becoming reality.

Making Visions Real

It doesn’t have to be that way. Visions can and do become reality. In fact, it usually just takes a little help to overcome these obstacles and realize your vision.

I transform my clients’ businesses by helping them articulate their vision, develop a path to realize it, and then guide them toward their goal. My consulting engagements typically involve creating strategies, delivering insights, marketing more effectively, and formulating new products and services.

This Site

I’ve got a ton of content for you here. That’s what this is all about—helping entrepreneurs grow and build businesses that matter through great content.

Blog - You can read regular posts on the Business That Matters Blog. I try to publish once a week and I keep each post short and to the point.

Articles - For content that goes more in depth, I write articles. These tend to be topic-driven and delve deeper into a business issue. My goal is to help you learn, get better, and grow.

Podcast - Do you listen to podcasts? Then check out Make It Matter(/makeitmatter), my podcast for entrepreneurs.

I typically publish every Monday morning. If you like podcasts and want to start your week off with impactful information that you can use in your business then make sure to listen!

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Book - I’m currently working on a book to teach professional service bsuiness owners how to develop new business. 

Many accountants, attorneys, financial advisiors, and consultants struggle to get new business. I share my decade and a half worth of service-based biz dev experience and show how to build a systematic approach that's sound, sustainable, and delivers.

I’m publishing it as an ebook and expect it to release within the next month of so. You can learn more, as well as preorder, by clicking here.

About Me

I’m a life-long entrepreneur. Whether selling seeds door-to-door as a kid, launching a start up in Africa in my 20's, or running a design firm that works with Fortune 500 companies, I’ve always been in love with business.

I’ve never met an entrepreneur who didn’t love what they do. Sure, times get tough, our businesses take a toll, and we would change a few things. But the fact that we’re entrepreneurs means we have the power to make our work better, to choose to make it matter.

And, what’s really amazing is the more successful we are at making our businesses better the more the people and world around us benefit.

That’s why I love helping entrepreneurs like you—because business matters. It matters to you and to everyone you come in contact with.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, I’m am blessed to be married to Lydia, my wife of over 24 years. We have three children and have been a homeschool family from the beginning.

We live in upstate New York, but have lived in a few different places, the most exotic being Cape Town, South Africa. (Still one of my favorite places on earth.)

When I’m not running my business or creating content I’m usually reading, traveling, or enjoying a glass of wine with friends.


If you’d like to work with me or just get in touch, the best option is to use the Contact Form on this site. I will respond within 24 hours.

If you're on social media, I'm active on LinkedIn, where I post articles and updates regularly. It would be a pleasure to connect with you, so please do reach out.