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Human flourishing. It’s a rather grand topic for an entrepreneur. But, my interest in human flourishing started with a conviction that business, work and economics have an important role to play in walking out my faith in Christ.

I was convinced that there had to be more to business than just the profit motive. As I wrestled with that conviction by diving deeper into the theory and practice of business and how it interacted with my faith, I began to see a bigger picture, one in which business and work can act in a very real way as a platform to provide for the highest human good.

Once I began to see this potential for my work, I realized that every aspect of life held the same potential—that our endeavors as humans hold much more promise than our increasingly secularized world would have us to believe. I came to realize that the promise of life in Christ is also the promise of a regained humanity.

This blog is a place for me to work out ideas relating to human flourishing, God’s kingdom and culture. It’s my hope that you will be challenged and blessed by it in your relationship with Christ and in your day-to-day walk.

Find me on Twitter: @MikeGastin and say "Hi". Or, catch me on Google+ or shoot me an email. I'd love to connect with you.