Business Design

About Mike Gastin

As you’ve surely guessed, my name is Mike. I’m an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and consultant dedicated to the idea that building better businesses creates a better world.

When it comes to business, I’ve done it all—worked joe jobs, did a stint with a multi-national, launched a start-up, acquired established companies and I've even had a spectacular failure. (Pro-tip: Don’t start a business in South Africa at 27, underfunded with no experience, and having just arrived a few months earlier. It likely won’t end well. Just saying.)

I've had the business bug since I was a kid, selling seeds door-to-door and mowing lawns while other kids played and relied on an allowance or their parents’ good graces. I took great pride in buying my first pair of Levis with the money I had earned. The independence I felt that day was powerful; I loved that feeling and still do.

Since then I’ve worked in the energy, publishing, manufacturing, distribution, consumer goods, health care, banking, agribusiness, and pharmaceutical sectors. I've yet to find an industry that's not fascinating and full of creativity and I suspect I never will.

In addition to my business design consultancy, I own Bob Wright Creative, a communication design firm, where I provide strategic direction and leadership.

When I’m not spending time with my family, who are my life’s biggest blessing, I’m either helping clients design better businesses, writing, speaking or traveling.

I’m really glad you’re here and would love to connect with you. Find me on Twitter: @MikeGastin, catch me on Google+ or shoot me an email. Thanks for visiting!