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Hi! I’m Mike, a small business owner and a follower of Christ.

It's been my conviction for decades that business, work and economics have an important role to play in walking out the kingdom of God. Even so, through the years I've wrestled with that conviction in theory and practice.

Do entrepreneurs have a place in the church other than as financial givers?

Is it possible to be Christlike and fire someone?

Can my work contribute to God's kingdom when that work doesn't seem very spiritual?

When I meet and talk with other Christian business owners, executives and entrepreneurs, I have come to realize that they struggle with the same issues and the same questions. It's just not always clear how our faith and our work integrate, or if they even should. And that's why I started this site—to help people in business or starting a business to integrate their work and their faith in such a way that they can enjoy the blessing of business that's good.

I hope you'll can find lots of encouragement, help and inspiration here to tackle the challenges before you as you endeavor to walk out your faith in the world of business. It's not always easy, nor is it always clear, but then again if you're in business you didn't choose it for its ease or simplicity. You're in business because you love it and you can't imagine a better way to live your life.

Thank you for visiting.

Find me on Twitter: @MikeGastin and say "Hi". Or, catch me on Google+ or shoot me an email. I'd love to connect with you.