Eight Reasons To Teach Your Child Entrepreneurship

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Parents know that reading, writing and arithmetic are all important. But there's a subject that can impact a child for life and it's rarely taught: entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship can give your child the skills to thrive. Even if they don't become an entrepreneur as adults, the skills learned will help them in every endeavor in life, from being a good parent to excelling in their career. The following is a list of benefits your child can gain from learning about entrepreneurialism.

Link: Craig Mod On the Future Of Books

Craig Mod has an excellent article at his site on the future of books. It's titled: Post-Artifcat Books & Publishing: Digital's Effect on How We Produce, Distribute and Consume Content. You have to check it out! But, make sure you've got a few minutes, as it's a long piece.

Here's a quick quote:

Juno, Geese and the Origin of the Word 'Money'

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Ever wonder where we get the word 'money'? A little background on a word that’s so much a part of our daily life.

It all starts with the Roman goddess, Juno.

The Romans had many gods, their chief deity being Jupiter, a.k.a. Jove. He was the Roman equivalent of the Greek's Zeus. (If you remember from your ancient history class, the Roman deities were mainly copies of the Greek pantheon.)

Jupiter was the patron deity of ancient Rome and he ruled over their laws and social order. Jupiter was married to his sister, Juno, with whom he sired Mars, the Roman god of war, and Vulcan, the god of fire. Clearly a dysfunctional family, but on par with some of today’s reality television. I guess some things never change.

Juno was the Roman version of the Greek’s Hera and was the queen of Roman gods. The month of June is named after her and as the god of matrons and marriage she’s the reason we traditionally hold our weddings in that month, good weather aside.