Working in the center

three circlesI met with a client this morning for whom I've been developing a strategic marketing plan. We had reached a point in the process where some critical decisions had to be made. As we talked through the options my client commented how grateful he was for the process as it has helped him better define his business. He said it reinforced what was important to him and it made it easier to focus on what mattered.

Typographic Verses

Do you like the Bible? How about typography? UK web designer, Christian, musician and confessed tea drinker, Jonathan Ogden has combined both with his collection of lovely verses set in great type. Make sure you check out his awesome work. Here are a few samples:

jonathan ogden joshua 1:9

jonathan ogden romans 8:38

Work Is Not Our Curse

I had an appointment at the local PBS studios the other day. They're within walking distance of my office so I decided to hoof it and enjoy some fresh air. As I walked I was struck by a thought: work is not part of the curse.

It may seem like a simple and obvious idea, but it hit me in such a way as to completely change my perspective in that moment. Work is not part of the curse.