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Seven Benefits of A Strategic Marketing Plan

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Companies have amazing marketing tools at their disposal these days. Just ten years ago no one had heard of social media and blogs were popular only among the internet elite.

The great thing about all the tools have these days is they make it easy to communicate. Whereas it used to take six months to create, print and distribute your general brochure, you can now open Twitter or Facebook and start interacting with your customers immediately. The same goes for your corporate blog, email blasts, banner ads and search engine optimization: they are all quick and easy to do.

But, beware. When it’s easy to talk to your target market it’s just as easy to forego a strategic marketing plan.

Mobile Billboards: Old School

Remember the first time you saw one of those mobile billboards? Maybe it was a truck with a giant can of Red Bull on the back. Well, you probably thought to yourself, What will they think of next?

The thing is, the writer of Ecclesiastes was right: there's nothing new under the sun. Take a look at this mobile billboard from 1890! It's promoting H.J. Heinz Company's Sweet Pickles. All we need now is to discover that Heinz sponsored extreme sports from the 1800s, like curling and croquet.

HJ Heinz Company's Sweet Pickles marketing cart

US Department of Agriculture Poster: Need Marketing Advice?

I found this poster (circa 1941-1945) while trolling around Wikimedia this morning. Looking at the illustration, I'm assuming it's an offer by US Department of Agriculture's Forest Service to help land owners market and sell their timber.

And you thought marketing was a newer discipline.