LTC Marketing Quick Tip: Twitter As Listening Tool

Utilize this social media technique to make direct and meaningful connections with your audience

twitter logoSocial media presents exciting marketing opportunities for your long-term care facility. Not everyone is using it yet, but the social media wave continues to grow in size and momentum as it's passed the early-adopter stage and moved into the mainstream.

One great social media tool is Twitter, a never-ending stream of thoughts, conversations, links and requests. Its demographic complexion is interesting, too.

A Marketing Secret That Can Dramatically Improve Your Long-Term Care Facility's Health

origami bird on business man's shoulder

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. It's a surprising fact that I've discovered over the years working with many clients, and it could give you a big advantage if you respond to it.

Ready? Here it is:

Long-Term Care Facility Marketing Budget: How Much Money Should Be Allocated

calculator, pen and budget

Clients ask all the time: How much money should I be spending on marketing?

On the surface it's a basic question. Anyone that's ever put a budget together knows that it helps to have an idea of how much to set aside for each function. One easy way to do that is to go by experience. "What did we spend last year on advertising?" Another is to go by an industry rule of thumb. "Marketing should be 5% of your overall budget."

When you dig a little deeper the question has another aspect to it. It's usually asked to answer a deeper question that goes beyond preparing a sound budget. Facility owners are trying to answer, Am I doing this right? It's an important question to answer. Spend too much and you've given your ad agency and local television station money that could have been spent on building your business or your personal wealth. Spend too little and you might sit with empty beds, losing money and running in the red.