Video: The Last Advertising Agency On Earth

Here's a clever promo for a (past) digital conference. I love the idea of the sudden extinction of the ad agency. There's a bit of truth to the piece, in my opinion. It's all too easy for agencies to rely on the formulas that have worked for them for decades and sadly many do just that. Times have changed. Enjoy.

The Last Advertising Agency On Earth from FITC on Vimeo.

Quartz: A New Digitally-Native News Outlet

the newly-launched Quartz magazine

Atlantic Media, the publisher of The Atlantic, has rolled out a new business magazine called Quartz. It's noteworthy because it has been built from the ground up to be digital, meaning it's built for mobile devices and tablets with a version for computers, too. From their site:

The Power of Your People: A Client Session Observation

crew team rowing

I led a number of workshops for a client yesterday, five hours in total. The goal was to help my client better understand their target market. I always love doing this kind of work. Spending a day digging deeper into a marketing challenge, engaging a group of people and helping solve a client problem is both energizing and satisfying.