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Solve Your Problems By Writing

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Everyone in business finds themselves stumped at some point. Maybe it’s a problem that you can’t solve or a situation that you don’t quite know how to navigate or maybe your career is at a place that you don’t like and you don’t know what to do about it.

There are many tools available to help you through these kinds of situations but I have found that the most effective approach to solving a problem is to write. I’ll sit down with paper and pen or at my word processor and just start writing. Usually, within 800 words or so everything has become clear, my problem is not so difficult and I have a well-defined way forward.

Craig Mod on Subcompact Publishing

old honda

Digital publishing boy genius, Craig Mod, recently posted an excellent piece on his site that compares the changing auto industry of the late 60s to today's publishing business. It's insightful and worth your time if you've got any interest in where publishing, books and periodicals are going. Here's an excerpt:

Hundreds of meters long and wooden.
Worn and oiled.
Old and knotted.
Wide enough for a person.

The Power of Your People: A Client Session Observation

crew team rowing

I led a number of workshops for a client yesterday, five hours in total. The goal was to help my client better understand their target market. I always love doing this kind of work. Spending a day digging deeper into a marketing challenge, engaging a group of people and helping solve a client problem is both energizing and satisfying.