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The intersection of Christ and culture—not simply pop culture, but the core aspects of our society: economics, politics, education, the arts, family—how do believers engage culture in light of Christ? Put simply, how do we live God's kingdom today?

Craig Mod on Subcompact Publishing

old honda

Digital publishing boy genius, Craig Mod, recently posted an excellent piece on his site that compares the changing auto industry of the late 60s to today's publishing business. It's insightful and worth your time if you've got any interest in where publishing, books and periodicals are going. Here's an excerpt:

Hundreds of meters long and wooden.
Worn and oiled.
Old and knotted.
Wide enough for a person.

Link: Has America Outsourced Too Much?

Has America outsourced too much?

Take a few minutes to listen to this podcast over on the Harvard Business Review website. In it Gary Pisano, Harvard Business School professor and coauthor of Producing Prosperity: Why America Needs a Manufacturing Renaissance, makes the argument that America is hurting its long-term ability to innovate by sending its manufacturing overseas.

Gary makes a compelling argument and avoids a politically partisan approach in the process.

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Video: The Last Advertising Agency On Earth

Here's a clever promo for a (past) digital conference. I love the idea of the sudden extinction of the ad agency. There's a bit of truth to the piece, in my opinion. It's all too easy for agencies to rely on the formulas that have worked for them for decades and sadly many do just that. Times have changed. Enjoy.

The Last Advertising Agency On Earth from FITC on Vimeo.

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