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Business That's Good

Business can be good—not just effective, but transformational—changing lives, causing human flourishing and manifesting God's Kingdom. Here I offer my experience as a Christian entrepreneur with the hope that you too will launch and enjoy a business that's good.

Classic Marketing Mistake Number One: Being Disrespected

Rodney can't get no respect.

Everyone wants a little respect and most of us get it. Well, except Rodney. But, what if I told you that you might be the victim of disrespect and it's one of the reasons your marketing projects don't deliver?

Business owners know failure—sometimes more than success. Failure is part of the game. Even so, your marketing doesn’t have to be the source of it. The trick is knowing the classic mistakes—and then not making them. Knowing the mistakes that get made over and over and learning how to avoid them is a good start toward marketing success. This post kicks off a quick series covering the classic marketing mistakes and how to avoid them. Read more about Classic Marketing Mistake Number One: Being Disrespected

Podcasting, A New Project

Audio Mixing Board

I've been working on a podcast for the last week. I've always been interested in broadcasting—one more way to communicate ideas—but have never explored it before.

We have a podcast at Bob Wright Creative called MarcomTalk, which I've taken part in, but I've just shown up and talked into a mic. Bob Wright audio/video expert, Mike Nelson, has been the man behind that project.

This time around I figured I needed to own the project, especially since it's not a Bob Wright-related gig. I've acquired some equipment, set up in the basement and have begun learning the ropes. I certainly enjoy learning something new, so it's been great to get lost for hours in set-up, recording, editing and the like. Of course, the proof will be in my output. Read more about Podcasting, A New Project

The Secret to Work That I Learned During the Financial Crisis

turn of the century factory workers

As a business owner I’m expected to love what I do because to many people owning a business is a dream that comes true for a select few. Of course, I did love my work for many years, but increasingly the business began to feel like a burden that I wanted to unload. Then the financial crisis of 2008 hit and changed everything I understood about work. Read more about The Secret to Work That I Learned During the Financial Crisis