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Episode 015: The Best Way to Close Deals

putin the closer

Do you love winning new business but hate to close? Or, maybe you've found closing to be a bit of an enigma; part contact sport and part magic. Don't worry. Closing is easy once you understand a few key ideas. In this episode I finish up our series on sales by sharing my approach to closing deals. Listen and learn how to take make closing a great experience for you and your customers.

Episode 014: Of Hunters and Farmers and Sales

deer silhouette

Ever hire a sales rep only to be disappointed with their performance? It could be that you just need to understand what kind of sales person they are. In this episode I explain the difference between the two main kinds of sales people: farmers and hunters and how to better utilize each one. Listen and learn how you can avoid a great deal of frustration and missed revenue goals while building the perfect sales machine.


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